The Oasis


The Oasis


The Oasis is an interactive garden where fellowship, sustainable learning, and free healthy foods are available to all in the Connersville community. What started as a dream with a borrowed lot and a handful of dedicated volunteers has grown into an educational space that feeds the community.

Follow us on our journey of growth and improvement!

Located across from Town Hall at 511 N Central Ave, Connersville, IN 47331. This community garden is always growing and evolving into new ways to enrich the Connersville community.

This year we are committed to bringing a community performance space in the center of the Oasis garden.  This will be a space for musical and theatrical performances, as well as cooking demonstrations and movie nights. We see The Oasis as a place for people to have a great time, where they can also learn about food and wellness.

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We’ll see you soon!

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